Introduction to Oil & Gas

A generic course for new-starts and office staff in the Offshore and Petrochemical Industries. The course is tailored to provide a base knowledge of the industry, introducing candidates to the technical principles and terminology used in the industry.  

The course outlines the science and practicalities of surveying, drilling and production operations together with an overview of installation types to familiarise candidates with the industry and enhance personal competency.

This course assumes no previous knowledge of the industry.


The course is recommended for new-starts and admin staff who will be required to communicate with colleagues within the offshore environment of the Petrochemical/Exploration & Production industry.

Course Syllabus

The course comprises of:

  • A ‘potted history’ of the Oil & Gas Industry.
  • Introduction to Surveying, Drilling and Production technologies.
  • Types of offshore production installations.
  • Introduction of terminologies used within the industry.


½ day typical for a group of 1-6 candidates.

Certificate Awarded

Certificate awarded on successful course completion.

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